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Guilty Dragon Hack Download free
HadeSDate: Saturday, 29.September.2012, 4:08 PM | Messge # 1,
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Guilty Dragon Hack Download Guilty Dragon Hack Download Guilty Dragon Hack Download Guilty Dragon Hack Download

Guilty Dragon Hack Download:

Guilty Dragon ("A .hack Concept") heading to the U.S., Europe!
Posted on: Sep 26 2012 by Dave | Discuss on BBS |
.hack is back in action and coming to your iPhone or Android device very shortly...! In an interview with Siliconera CC2 President Matsuyama stated: "After we release in Japan we will release Guilty Dragon in America and Europe."

Guilty Dragon is CC2's first mobile RPG and has been dubbed a .hack concept, borrowing heavily from the series and even taking place in "The World" MMO. More information about the game can be found below

Guilty Dragon will be available for Apple iOS and Google Android mobile platforms. No release date for the U.S. or Europe has been announced yet.

Guilty Dragon Trailer Released!
Posted on: Sep 13 2012 by Dave | Discuss on BBS |
CC2's first mobile RPG - which takes place in a version of "The World" - finally has a delicious trailer to drool over. And in CC2 fashion it has some awesome background music as well! Take a peek below!

Guilty Dragon Trailer Released!
Posted on: Sep 13 2012 by Dave | Discuss on BBS |
CC2's first mobile RPG - which takes place in a version of "The World" - finally has a delicious trailer to drool over. And in CC2 fashion it has some awesome background music as well! Take a peek below!

Update: Guilty Dragon set in The World!
Posted on: Aug 24 2012 by Kuukai | Discuss on BBS |
It turns out that Guilty Dragon, the free-to-play social RPG by .hack developer CyberConnect2, isn't a "pure fantasy" version of .hack like fans suspected, but instead another game within a game, connected to the .hack universe!
The Three civilizations of The World: Armed Conflict

In Guilty Dragon you play a new character unraveling the secrets of The World: Armed Conflict—the newest version of the popular online game "The World" in which three opposing nations of Heavy Blades, Twin Blades, and Wavemasters are locked in a cold war.
Son of Azure Kite?

In addition to the in-game story involving the Sin Dragon, the player will chase the mysteries we've come to expect from The World. There will be other links to .hack as well, in a throwback to Crimson VS from .hack//G.U. there will be collectible cards within the game featuring familiar characters. These cards, or "units," can be used as abilities during battle:
New card game New card game

The game is due out later this summer for Android and iOS, so check back soon for more information!

New Guilty Dragon Screenshots... Kite v7?
Posted on: Jul 31 2012 by Dave | Discuss on BBS |
A bunch of new screenshots from CC2's upcoming mobile RPG for iPhone and Android have been revealed. And guess what? Another Kite... I've officially lost count on how many iterations of our beloved hero we have now. However... this may be the most bad ass looking Kite yet - take a peek below!

Check out for a bunch more screenshots.

.hack... Reborn?
Posted on: Jul 26 2012 by Kuukai | Discuss on BBS |
With all the talk of .hack ending, hopes have centered around what CyberConnect2 might create in its place. Enter Guilty Dragon: The Sin Dragon and the Eight Curses, a free singleplayer RPG for iPhone and Android coming this summer. Officially billed as "A Dothack Concept" and copyrighted under the .hack Conglomerate production label, is this a reimagined The World?

On the "unchronicled island," in an ancient temple, there remains but the frame of a stone relief of the Sin Dragon. Ages ago, due to a great calamity the relief was broken into eight pieces and scattered across the world. It is said that the one who restores the relief will be given the power to make the world one. While trying to help a swordswoman he met, the main character, a novice adventurer, becomes entangled in an epic revolving around the Sin Dragon.

Very little information is currently available, but we've seen a "Sin" dragon before in .hack (and again, and again). Forgotten island temples, eight pieces... there are certainly places where it sounds familiar. Maps on the official site seem to reveal the world is called... The World? Unlike .hack, this RPG will allow you to create your own character. Stay tuned for more information!

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