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General Forum » How-To Metin2 P-Server » Metin2 Private Server [Apps, Item Codes] » Cum faci sa evolueze armele
Cum faci sa evolueze armele
GuesTNumerOneDate: Saturday, 11.August.2012, 8:24 AM | Messge # 1,
Group: Visitor

Cum faci sa evolueze armele

Pentru prima data intrati in navicat=>player=>item_proto Si acolo cautati refine_set si refined_vnum
La refine_set scrieti 501 si la refined_vnum idul itemului in care sa se transforme
De ex sa luam sirius la refine_set 501 si la refined_vnum 279
Asa faceti cu toate armele si armurile
Si Reboot.....
Sper Sa va fie de folos astept impresi

DemaemiainmtpezDate: Sunday, 02.June.2013, 8:14 AM | Messge # 2,
Group: Visitor

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GuesTDate: Saturday, 15.June.2013, 9:17 PM | Messge # 3,
Group: Visitor

da la otel cum fac k nu pot sa-l upgdradez nici sa il evoluez k nu il gasesc

DennisElDate: Tuesday, 25.February.2014, 11:44 PM | Messge # 4,
Group: Visitor

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<a href="">Corro</a> - lolz

SluraBugDate: Friday, 18.April.2014, 2:20 AM | Messge # 5,
Group: Visitor

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mereykoDate: Wednesday, 23.April.2014, 10:25 PM | Messge # 6,
Group: Visitor

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mcgklasaDate: Sunday, 04.May.2014, 2:02 PM | Messge # 7,
Group: Visitor

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JeorgoGonDate: Thursday, 15.May.2014, 2:46 AM | Messge # 8,
Group: Visitor

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lsksonsalDate: Saturday, 24.May.2014, 7:49 PM | Messge # 9,
Group: Visitor

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